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Wilkinson by Gotoh WT-3 Tele Bridge


he WT3 bridge has become the choice of many boutique brands for their T style bridge which is hardly surprising considering it’s build quality, tone and unique saddle mechanism.

Trev Wilkinson’s reworking of the classic 50’s T style bridge allows the player to intonate perfectly while still retaining the classic three saddle arrangement that is so important when trying to retain the sound that the original T guitar created.


The genius in the saddle design is both simple and highly effective.

Each saddle features a central locking screw which when loosened allows the saddle to be rotated to the correct intonation point for the string gauge being used, once this is achieved the screw is locked back down creating a solid mechanism that transfers all the string energy into the body.  10.8mm String Spacing

To once again retain that classic tone as closely as possible the WT3 saddles are the same dimensions as the 50’s original saddles on the string seating areas, and manufactured from 360 half hard brass for a full vintage tone.

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