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TV Jones PowerTron Plus Bridge Universal Mount (Nickel)


Power’Tron Plus™ Bridge Pickup – Universal Mount™

When Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top called up and requested an even hotter bridge pickup that could handle his fiery riffs, we knew we had to take it to the next level. The Power’Tron Plus is the hottest Filter’Tron pickup we make and perfect for everything from creamy blues, to hard-rock, to metal. It’s a bridge position only pickup that pairs extremely well with Power’Tron, T-90, and even T-Armond neck pickups!


Designed with standard PAF magnet wire to resemble a hotter Gibson PAF Humbucker (in the 8.5k DCR range) while retaining the core Filter’Tron characteristics. The lows are tighter and more defined than a traditional Humbucker but it barks and growls generously when digging in. Lastly, it cuts through the mix really well for solos and chunky riffing.


DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

Bridge (only): DCR – 8.5k / Inductance – 5.25H


The Universal Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for guitars with standard sized Filter’Trons – with and without “ears” or “clips”. This pickup comes standard with two pieces of compression rubber, 2 mounting (wood) screws, and 1 Universal Mount Clip Pack – which includes everything you will need to mount the pickups to a TV Jones ring or pickguard.

The Universal Mount can be installed two different ways:

  • As a direct drop-in replacement for guitars with standard sized Filter’Trons – use wood screws and compression rubber
  • As a replacement for a humbucker mount pickup – attach clips before installing pickup to ring or pickguard

NOTE: The Universal Mount requires a TV Jones ring (unless suspending from a pickguard)

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