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The Trinity Mini is a dual source pickup/internal mic system withoutl preamp for steel-string guitars. The three-head, bridge plate pickup is based on the same technology as the Pure pickup. The Trinity Microphone features an integrated 5″ gooseneck (allowing it to be positioned in a number of ways, incuding outside the soundhole) and 20-20,000 Hz frequency range.
Why choose the Trinity System over a solo pickup, like the Pure?

The Trinity Solo System is intended as a replacement or second-install system for customers who already own a Trinity Pro Preamp or a Quantum Blender to power the microphone. It cannot be used as a stand-alone system, and we do not recommend using it with any other make of preamp.

The Trinity Mini delivers an even more authentic tone than the Pure pickup alone. The mic adds some extra air and shimmer to the overall sound, which is very beneficial to the purely acoustic guitarist. The mic can be included in the mix as much as the situation allows for, using the preamp’s controls. As a general rule, the lower the stage volume, the more mic can be blended in. This system is great for home recordings too! Technical Information for the Trinity Microphone (Opens in pop-up window)
The 1/2″ diameter Mini pickups will fit ANY steel string acoustic guitar. Direct installation with superglue is required for optimum performance but the system is still removable without damaging the guitar (you may damage the pickup though). Installing the pickups is a breeze with the included mounting jig, detailed instructions, and superglue.

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