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K&K Pure Classic with Volume Control


The Pure + Volume Control combines a Pure pickup (Mini, Classic, or 12-String) with an adjustable thumbwheel lightweight volume control element which peel-and-stick installs on the inner edge of the soundhole.

The added volume control element is a passive volume control. No batteries or soldering required! If you want a volume control on your guitar without drilling a hole in your valuable instrument, this is the solution.

Please note, the Volume Control does not boost the volume, it only allows you to turn your guitar down. It functions best when the input impedance of the device you plug your guitar in is 1 Mega Ohm (preamp/amp or mixing board-channel). If this input impedance deviates to a large amount (i.e. 100 Kilo Ohms or 10 Mega Ohms), you may experience diminished range (from “full volume” to “off” within a 1/3rd rotation) or, in extreme cases, a slight hum when the potentiometer is at middle position. This is a normal phenomenon when passive potentiometers are used with piezo based pickups. At “full-on” or “full-off” it will always be noise-free. A lot of customers use the Volume Control like an extended on/off switch

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