K&K Big Twin (internal)


Big Twin

The Big Twin is a two-head piezo pickup, especially designed for bigger instruments with low mechanical resonance. The extra strong output signal makes it a versatile choice for a variety of instruments. The two heads allow for positioning at two spots which results in improved balance of the sound and a wider and absolutely flat frequency response. The Big Twin is recommended to transduce piano, grand piano, harp, dulcimer, double bass, cello and even acoustic guitars.

The Big Twin is available with either an external or internal jack. The external jack comes with a self-adhesive clamp for quick and easy placement on the instrument. The internal jack can be mounted from the outside so no soldering is necessary. The pickup heads are attached with a special double-side adhesive film, which is UV resistant to ensure safe adhesion even after years of use. It is ultra-thin and enables the harmonic frequencies to completely pass through to the pickup disks.

Technical Specs

  • Pickup head diameter: 3/4″

  • Height: 1/32″

  • Impedance: High ohmic

  • Length of connection cables: 1 ft. each

  • Jack : Shielded Endpin Jack (stereo type, connected mono), no soldering necessary

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