Hosco Vintage Revival Tuners SD90 O5M(Gotoh) 3 + 3


  • Hosco Vintage Revival Series SD90 reproduction tuning machines
  • Made by GOTOH for Hosco
  • L3+R3
  • Includes vintage 11/32″ diameter peg head bushings and mounting screws
  • Vintage correct longer 1/4″ diameter brass string post (2mm longer) and brass internal washers
  • GOTOH O5M style Buttons

Reproduction of these machine heads with Brass-made string posts and internal washers, which had been used by Gibson® until 1975 and by Fender® until 1966. At present, the string posts and internal washers are made of steel. By changing the material of those component parts from steel to brass, the vibration transmission is greatly improved, resulting in characteristics similar to vintage tuners. This series is called “Vintage Tone Revival”

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